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Fuck Yeah
Fuck Yeah
VÖ: 22.07.2016
My Redemption Records/CARGO

Fuck Yeah Bandfoto


Four men sharing their passion for Post-Punk, Glam and Underground and it sounds a little bit like Hunter S. Thomson meets Lou Reed on The Coney Island Isar Ride, the likes of Wire, T-Rex, Babyshambles and the Velvets  puke on Graham Coxons effect pedals.

Songs like „Replacements“, „C’mon“, „When Rock’n’Roll Was Here To Stay“ and „Give It“ quote umcompromisingly idols und youthful memories, „Heavy Metal Teenage Dream“ and „Check The Battery“ evoke Vaudeville Music Hall and drunken Ragtime Waltz while the titletrack gives hymnal countenance to the resurrection of a most hated person until the very end in white noise.

Everything goes – Old wine in new bottles, unusual arrangements break common songstructures. And after all, they are suckers for a good melody too. Keep it simple, keep it real.

FUCK YEAH: Markus Naegele (voc, guitar/Heyne Hardcore, Caroline Now), Rainer „Gussie“ Germann (bass, voc/Cat Sun Flower, Jesper Munk), Kevin Ippisch (guitar, voc/Twin Tone Trigger) und Michael Metzger  (drums, voc/ Moulinettes, Philoma).

We call it: Underground Rock Entertainment.