Magnetic Bonbons


Magnetic Bonbons
Stay A Little While
VÖ: 01.04.2022
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Magnetic Bonbons


Magnetic Bonbons (MB) was formed in Munich in early 2019, by Veronica (Miss V) and Filip (FIDAS), after playing together on other projects. The band’s sound falls somewhere between progressive and retro pop. But the band believes in giving each song what it asks for in terms of style and feel. Their music has a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds with a distinct vintage flavor. Always looking for the story in the song, they take care that the music and words complement each other.

Their first single, Stay a Little While, came out in April 2022, worldwide.

About MB Members:
Born in Miami, Florida, lead singer and multifaceted artist Veronica Cancio De Grandy comes from an artistic family and has been writing and co-writing songs in English, Spanish and French for two decades. As a lyricist and trained journalist, she writes complex texts that tell a story, but isn’t above a good “yeah, yeah, yeah” song. She’s studied vocal technique in the U.S. and Germany. Along with her music, Veronica has been published worldwide, performed on various stages and exhibited her artwork at international art fairs.

Multi-instrumentalist and producer, Filip Dascalu is from Bucharest. A talented Romanian, he picked up a guitar in high school and never let it go. He studied classical and jazz guitar at the National School of the Arts, Bucharest, and later earned his bachelor’s degree in Music Technology from the University of West London. He is also a sound engineer and luthier who makes beautiful instruments (including the MB signature guitar). He is married to Ioana and they have two beautiful boys.