Picture by John Tackman


Urban Dreams
CD: 01.10.2021
LP: 01.04.2022

Picture by John Tackman


Kebu is a synthesizer wizard from Finland, who creates new instrumental, melodic music using analogue synthesizers only. His music is distinguished not only by a skillful treatment of analogue synthesis but also of an audience-captivating live performance – a phenomenon that has attracted over 70 million views on his Youtube channel and fans from all around the globe. Kebu was awarded the Best Artist Award in the German Schallwelle Music Awards in 2018.

The third studio album from the synthesizer wizard Kebu explores dreams – both those occurring during sleep and daydreams. Conceived during a time of lock-downs and people living in isolation in confined spaces, this instrumental album is exploring dreams – both those occurring during sleep and daydreams.

The new album is also a celebration of power ballads and soft rock beats from the eighties – essentially music that surrounded and influenced Kebu when he was young. Instead of being nostalgic or witty about it, Kebu crafts the music like the world never moved on past that decade.

Again, Kebu is pushing the limits of what can be done with analog synthesizers – similar to Kebu’s earlier releases, “Urban Dreams” was recorded using only analog synthesizers and analog drum machines. Kebu composed, performed and mixed the music himself.

Music videos from the new album: