About 41065

41065 was established in January 2015 as a new independent music publishing company by Oliver Alexander and is based on “Edition One Louder” and “Edition Two Louder” which were partnerships with BMG Rights Management in Berlin over the past years. Usually newcomer acts have been signed and 41065 accompanies these songwriters and musicians on their path to higher popularity and success, as was achieved with bands such as Killerpilze, Randale, Hämatom, Blackout Problems or Winterstorm, just to name a few.

41065 is administered by Alisa Wessel in Berlin, a business affiliate and friend of Oliver since many years.

Oliver turned his “music hobby” into a profession 25 years ago, worked for major company BMG and some indies. His enthusiasm for good, unusual music is unbroken and it is his aim to discover and help to establish new, cool acts. He also runs a distribution deal with CARGO Records, is a shareholder at Donnerwetter Musik GmbH and teaches music business at an institute in Munich.