Randale - Randale im Kindergarten: Musik für kleine Rocker

RANDALE and „Music for little rockers“

… is released on CD by Argon Sauerländer Audio

On July 28th, 2016, Argon Sauerländer Audio releases the CD compilation “Randale in kindergarten: music for little rockers”! The album will be placed mainly in book retail and opens new distribution channels. The band says: “we have often been asked: ‘which album do you recommend for Randale-beginners?’ Together with the renowned publishing house Argon Verlag/Sauerländer Audio we put together the answer now: “Randale in kindergarten” combines 13 songs which suit very well for all little rockers at kindergarten age. There are lots of animals, we deal with dental hygiene, and we sing about bicycle helmets, diapers, lanterns and the fire brigade. All for those little red Indians in kindergarten. That’s Randale for beginners…”